Our young generation is the potential future of Bangladesh. But, now, this young generation is about to be destroyed due to dangerous effects of drugs. As drugs are easily available, the young generation can get them as they wish. They get addicted due to over curiosity, bad companion, and showing off heroism to their friends. As a result, they are affected by drugs gradually which leads their lives to the terrible consequence. If this tendency of taking drugs cannot be stopped right now, all hopes and aspirations of the new generation will be destroyed and our country will lose its strength to stand straight. So, we should consider this issue of controlling drugs as an important one. It is very alarming that the drug addiction has been responsible for different types of physical, mental and social complexities.

  The physical complexities such as tastelessness, malnutrition and infection of different limbs of body such as liver, intestine and kidney which are damaged seriously leading to death as its ultimate consequence. One of the problems of mental complexities is the change of personality. As a result of mental problem, people lose their normal mode of behaviour due to drug addiction which may even destroy all mental peace and comfort and harmony of life as well. Moreover, the negative implications of drugs may cause some negative behavioural changes such as short temper, irritable mood and impatience. It may also be a great cause of decreasing the power of remembrance which leads the affected people to mental patients. Among the social complications, stealing, snatching, social violence and divorce are the main. So, drug addiction can never bring prosperity for a society as well as for a country rather it is leading the country into the dark future. To protect our young generation from the dangerous effect of drugs, it is important to have some laws to be implemented. In this regard, Drug Control Policy was formulated in Bangladesh in 1990. Later, this law was amended in different times and ways. Bangladesh Government has already declared “zero tolerance” policy against drugs. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, after winning the election of 2019, emphasized on controlling drugs. Many initiatives have already been taken to control using drugs under her bold leadership. So, it is expected that negligence of the concerned authorities including related ministry, and the law enforcement force will be minimized to a large extent. Prime minister invokes the addicted young generation to come back again to normal life and get rehabilitated properly. If anybody does not respond to this invocation, it is suggested to take strong steps against them. We hope this direct supervision of prime minister will surely have positive implications in this matter. Drug addiction is a disease. So, to prevent this disease, our family, society, and country have a great responsibility.

If a family ensures proper education and makes their children understand about social values and awareness, it is possible to keep them away from this dangerous effect of drug addiction. Bad company is also responsible for this problem. So, parents should look after their children’s lifestyle and activities with their friends. If any family member becomes addicted to drugs, we should make him aware about the bad effect of drug addiction and if necessary, we should go to doctor to get proper consultation to get him back to normal life. In this regard, making them engaged in social activities and arranging games and sports will be a great way to take them away from drugs. Additionally, we can show different instances about the bad effects of drug addiction and in this case own ‘will-force’ can be a great motivator too.

Social awareness should be created among the people. Availability of drugs should be restricted. Arrangement of rehabilitation for those who are cured from drug addiction should be ensured. Above all, we should emphasize on their moral education.

Sources of drugs should be indentified and preventive measures should be taken. Lack of employment opportunities and healthy entertainment increase the rate of taking drugs. And for that we should make arrangement of games and sports, cultural programmes, entertainment, and create employment opportunities for the young generation. It is a matter of fact that Bangladesh has been used as a route of drug smuggling because of its geographical location. So, the border guard, internal law enforcement force and related authorities will have to be more active. As the treatment of drug addicted patients is very expensive and long term process, prevention is the best policy. So, it needs proper awareness and combined attempts of individual, family, society and nation. The young generation is our national treasure.

So, it is our responsibility to look after our young generation so that they are not derailed from the right path. Even, we should not waste our national treasures by any unfair means or by negligence. If we take different steps to protect our young generation and say ‘No’ to drugs all together, the power of this saying ‘No’ will protect the young generation.

The writer is Pro Vice-Chancellor,

Uttara University

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